The Bloodhound Project Andy Green's Diary

Andy Green's Diary

Every month, driver Andy Green writes his diary page bringing the project up to date from his perspective, and looking forward to what is planned next on the way to breaking the World Land Speed Record


Andy Green's diary

Monday, 21 January, 2013

One of the great things about working on Bloodhound is that we all share in the ‘Engineering Adventure’. Our long-term aim is to inspire a generation of young people about the magic of science and technology. In the meantime, while they are learning about Bloodhound technology, I get to learn a huge amount about it as well – and it’s fascinating.

Friday, 28 December, 2012

Just back from Los Angeles, where I went to launch a film in Hollywood.  OK, so the film was only 3 minutes long, but still, I can claim a Hollywood film launch!  The ‘Future of Speed’ was made in a Bentley Mulsanne at 190 mph on Bonneville Salt Flats (and at 190 mph, 3 minutes is a long time). 

Friday, 30 November, 2012

Following last month’s hugely successful rocket firing, we’ve been thrilled by the very high levels of international interest. In the first 48 hours, we ran over 300,000 pages on our website and over 6 million views on YouTube. I can’t wait to see what happens when we start running live video from the Car next year....

Monday, 5 November, 2012

It worked – and how! Firing our hybrid rocket in public this month, with a huge international media presence and a global on-line audience, not to mention a number of our supporters’ club Gold Members, was a little nerve-wracking. This is what we had promised from day one – an Engineering Adventure that everyone could share in ...

Thursday, 27 September, 2012

The secret’s out now – we’re planning on our first UK hybrid rocket firing on 3 October.  I have to confess to being slightly nervous about the event.  It’s all very well us running the world’s largest ‘Engineering Adventure’, promising to share all of the data as we go, and promising to conduct

Tuesday, 28 August, 2012

I’ve just had a very odd experience – someone’s sent me a video of myself appearing on Foreign Secretary William Hague’s Facebook page.  To try and explain this rather strange event, I’ll start with my recent visit to the BLOODHOUND track in the Northern Cape of South Africa. 

Friday, 27 July, 2012

The aerodynamic refinement of the world’s first 1000 mph Car continues.  The computational fluid dynamics work at Swansea University is giving us more data on the (now fixed) shape of BLOODHOUND SSC.  Fi

Saturday, 30 June, 2012

Richard Noble has just returned from South Africa, where he’s been catching up on the desert preparation and finalising some new sponsorship for our 1000 mph record attempt.  The Northern Cape Government team is doing a fantastic job of clearing the world’s best race track for BLOODHOUND – after

Friday, 25 May, 2012

In last month’s BLOODHOUND diary I outlined the various methods we have for stopping the world’s first 1000 mph Car – airbrakes, drag parachutes an

Tuesday, 24 April, 2012

The thing about setting a Land Speed Record is that speeding up is only half of the problem.  Once you’ve gone flashing through the timing lights of the measured mile at ove

Thursday, 1 March, 2012

There is a subtle but distinct shift in the language of our engineering design team.  Previous design meetings talked about the big concepts – aerodynamic stability and the shape of the bodywork, design options fo

Tuesday, 28 February, 2012

What’s the fastest and scariest thing you’ve ever done?  For me, they are 2 different events.  The fastest is, of course, driving Thrust SSC to the current World Land Speed Record of 763 mph, way back in 1997.  The scariest thing, however,