The Bloodhound Project Maths questions

Pi Day - A Wheely Big Maths Problem

In honour of Pi Day, which celebrates the mathematical constant 3.14 on March 14, BLOODHOUND has a special maths problem to show students that pi is more than just a fancy number. 2015, is even more significant for Pi Day on 3 (March) 14th 2015…. 3.1415.

Fuel Tank

What is the depth of the fuel in the tank?


Just how fast is it safe to corner in BLOODHOUND SSC?

Strong and light triangles

Can you calculate the angles in our lower chassis?

The strains on BLOODHOUND SSC's surface table

Can you answer this week's tricky maths question and calculate the thermal expansion of the yellow surface table?
Target G&T Ks4 or Ks5 Mechanics

BLOODHOUND SSC's electronics

Can you solve this weeks taxing maths problem about the current through one of BLOODHOUND SSC's diodes?

Forces on BLOODHOUND SSC's airbrake

Can you answer this weeks tricky maths question based on BLOODHOUND's air brakes?

Kinetic Energy in the wheels

Can you solve this weeks maths question involving BLOODHOUND SSC's wheels?