The Bloodhound Project Picture of the Week

This section contains striking or unusual pictures taken on the Bloodhound Project.

Jet engine installed

Friday, 15 September, 2017

The Rolls-Royce EJ200 Jet engine was fixed in place in the upper chassis in preparation for running in Newquay next month

Thrust SSC - rocket test model

Wednesday, 5 February, 2014

This is the Thrust SSC rocket test model. Built to validate the results from a very early Computational Fluid Dynamics study (the mathematical mapping of airflow), which in 1992 was a science very much in its infancy. The model was tested on the Pendine rocket test track where it was propelled from 0 - 800 mph in 0.8 seconds. See video below:

Wheel forging at otto fuchs

Thursday, 30 January, 2014

BLOODHOUND's solid aluminium wheels were forged by Otto Fuchs in Germany to ensure the grain of the metal radiated out like spokes of a wheel and they will stay intact at 10,200 rpm.

BLOODHOUND machine shop

Tuesday, 21 January, 2014

David Tuffs 'Tufty' on the BLOODHOUND Build Team works on the ring that connects the carbon composite air intake to the EJ200 jet engine.

BLOODHOUND meets Concorde

Tuesday, 14 January, 2014

BLOODHOUND met Concorde at the Fleet Air Arm, Yeovilton back in Febuary 2013.

The National Composites Centre Autoclave

Monday, 6 January, 2014

This is the giant autoclave at the National Composites Centre in Bristol, it acts like a giant pressure cooker. After bonding and riveting the hundreds of components together, Bloodhound SSC's chassis was placed in the autoclave and heated to 85 degrees C for eight hours to cure the adhesives.