The Bloodhound Project Welcome to the 1K Club

Welcome to the 1K Club

by Ian Glover, BLOODHOUND 1K Club Leader

Welcome to the Supporters Club section of the BLOODHOUND website.

The BLOODHOUND Supporters Club is known as the 1K Club. Why? Because 1K is the abbreviation for 1,000 and 1,000mph is the target for BLOODHOUND SSC's World Land Speed Record!

I hope you will join the 1K Club – as a member you can really be a part of the engineering adventure.

About the 1K Club

The 1K Club is a very exclusive club! As well as your 1K Club Welcome Pack and other BLOODHOUND goodies, you will also benefit from unprecedented access to the Team which will help you to really live the excitement of making history.

I was a member of the Thrust SSC Mach 1 club and from the day I joined I felt that I was making a real contribution. I had a huge amount of pride in the project and the achievements, and even felt that, in a small way, I was actually part of the team. Now it is my job to make sure that all 1K Club members feel the same level of excitement and involvement.

The 1K Club is open to all ages, just as the Mach 1 club was. As an adult Mach 1 Club member I shared all the excitement with my young son. It gave us a shared interest and brought us closer together. He also wrote school projects about Thrust SSC and I became extremely knowledgeable about all the different aspects of building a record-breaking car. Now we aim to offer the same to you and your families, allowing you to share in the whole fascinating BLOODHOUND story as it unfolds.

Being a 1K Club member is clearly exciting for car and speed enthusiasts, but it can also provide students with additional information relevant to their studies. And it allows parents to learn at the same time and same level, providing real opportunities for communication and working together.

We’d love you to join us in the 1K Club. You can find out more about membership in this section of the website and then sign up as an individual or a family. You can also use the gift membership option to purchase membership for a friend.

I look forward to meeting you at a 1K Club event soon!