The Bloodhound Project Titanium floor

Titanium floor

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Monday, 18 May, 2015


BLOODHOUND Build Team and technicians from the Royal Air Force's 71 Squadron have completed assembly of the titanium floor, which will protect the underside of the carbon fibre nose section and cockpit. Over 3,000 rivet holes had to be pilot drilled, cleaned up, pinned, drilled out to the correct diameter, cleaned up and pinned again before they are finally counter sunk and cleaned up for a final time. Each hole takes about 5 minutes to complete!  Thank you to our product sponsors Somta Tools, BSA Regal, and Atlas Copco Tools and Compressors whose products are used within this process.

Next step is trial fit it to the underside of the car...

See the assembly in fast forward in this hyperlapse film: